Great service!! My dog Fern went to Fitness Dogs for the first time yesterday & she had a great time. We received lots of amazing pictures & videos of Fern off leash running around having so much fun which was amazing. I Would definitely recommend too anyone looking for daycare & doggy adventures 🐶
This daycare is worth every single cent. I can see how excited Martha is to leave with Gus and the team, she doesn't even look back (which is unheard of because she rarely lets me leave her sight). It's so much fun to get updates throughout the day and to watch her having such a good time. There are fun events that your pup can go to, including a spring party, Santa visiting, or the easter bunny. It's the perfect choice if you want to be sure that your dog will be with people that love them just as much as you do!
I couldn’t recommend Gustavo and his team Enough. A bunch of absolute legends and such an amazing set up for all size and breeds of dogs!!! If you are looking for anything from dog adventures, play care, parties etc they do it and they do it the best! Thank you Team 🙏🏽
We recently got our new puppy Milo. Gus and his team came highly recommended by one of my friends, I have to say that this high recommendation isn’t high enough! The team is awesome, the love and dedication they’ve shown Milo in a couple of days is touching Knowing that he’s being taken care just how I would gives us peace of mind
I took a drive out to see Gustavo's dog minding facility and was blown away by the thaught and love that went into it. Gustavo is the real deal. Don't think there is a better place for dogs to be minded